Numb, a man who feels no pain and has no memory of how he came to be this way, travels to New York City after a short stint in the circus to search for the answers to his past. But when word of his condition spreads–sparked by the attention he attracts from letting people nail his hands to bars for money–he quickly finds himself hounded on all sides by those who would use his unique ability in their own pursuits of fame and fortune. There’s the best friend who doesn’t quite know how to handle Numb’s newfound celebrity, the savvy talent agent who may or may not have Numb’s best interests in mind, the sadistic supermodel whose idea of a good time involves lion claws and can openers, and the blind girlfriend who might actually see something in Numb others don’t. As Numb navigates this strange world, and as he continues to search for clues from his past, he is forced to confront one of life’s toughest questions: Who am I?



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[blockquote cite=”From Publisher’s Weekly, May 24, 2010″]

“The book has a lot of heart.”


[blockquote cite=”Kirkus, June 23, 2010″]

“Ferrell’s eye-catching debut is a mordant take on contemporary culture.”


[blockquote cite=”New York Journal of Books, August 4, 2010″]

“Daring… This is a highly enjoyable and intelligent read.”


[blockquote cite=”Andrew Shaffer, author, Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love“]

“A quick, fun read, sort of like Chuck Palahniuk meets P.T. Barnum with a shot of Philip K. Dick. NUMB fits somewhere on the shelf between satire, science fiction, and literary fiction; recommended for fans of the aforementioned Palahniuk, Kurt Vonnegut, Max Berry, Chad Kultgen, and Craig Clevenger.”


[blockquote cite=”Devourer of Books”]

“What a charming, quirky story this is. I loved Numb, both the story and the character.”




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