Deli worker 1: Next!
Me: Could I get a Philly cheesesteak, no peppers?
Deli worker 1: You’ll have to order it from him.
(Points to Deli Worker 2.)
Me (to DW2): Can I get a Philly cheesesteak, no peppers?
DW2 (to DW1): Philly cheesesteak! No peppers!
DW1 begins to make my sandwich.
DW1: No peppers or onions?
DW2: No peppers, but yes to onions.
DW1: Really?
DW2: Pretty sure.
I was standing three feet away.

Dancing in the dark.

I don’t think I have ever made as much noise in my entire life as I did just now trying to get out of my sleeping son’s room. As I left the room I kicked over a container of Tinker Toys. No one has ever made a noisier toy. Or noisier container. It is basically sticks and wooden drum mallets inside an aluminum kettledrum. After kicking it over I stood in the dark listening to the metal container echo in my akull and small wooden wheels rolling in what I envisioned as lazy circles under the dresser and bed. From the darkness a little voice called out.
“Goodnight. Sorry I made so much noise.”
“That’s okay.”