Flash Mob the Rapture.

Some suggestions on how you can turn the Rapture into a Flash Mob event similar to the video below:

  • At 6PM have everyone start shaking as if experiencing an earthquake.
  • Pretend that you can no longer see the Rapture believers.
  • Leave the room at 5:59PM, return at 6:01 in tattered clothes, weeping and moaning.
  • Change your voice mail at 6:01 to “Sorry I can’t come to the phone right now, but I have ascended.”

4 thoughts on “Flash Mob the Rapture.

  1. I know this *so* last month, but a friend of mine said he got a text the following morning that read: “I’m just outside the gates. Where are you? TMobile’s reception is AMAZING up here.”

  2. Tattered clothes? No, you have to return naked. Your clothes fall off when ascending, remember.
    I’ve already played this prank. Several times. Arrested for indecency only once.

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