Photo contest.

77.jpgThis (crappy) photo from my cellphone is of something unusual that caught my eye this morning. Maybe I’m high from the tetanus shot I just received, or maybe it’s the rusty nail I’m stabbing myself with, but I thought it would make for a good contest.
So, what do you think it is? Tell me in the comments. Best explanation of what it is (or the one that comes the closest to describing what it actually is) wins a one of a kind postcard with a sneak peek into the setting of my next novel.
You’ve got until 11:59PM, Friday 3/4/2011.

9 thoughts on “Photo contest.

  1. Wow, Sean, I get the whole suffering for your art concept, but it’s FICTION. You don’t have to actually stab yourself with nails to think like Numb…
    As for your photo, it could be the edge of a ceiling medallion with some scratches in the paint around it. What I see is a fish about to snatch food from the slower moving squid about to enjoy his lunch. It’s either that or you’re sharing one of Jeff Somers’ drunken hallucinations…
    Also, thanks for making the same mistake I do: peak/peek! I know the difference, really. But the fingers always type the wrong choice first. It warms my heart that I’m like Sean Ferrell!

  2. It is traces of light relfecting across the bottom of a fountain’s overly chlorinated surface. Beneath, pennies containing the wishes of passers by rest against the concrete base of the object of relaxation and hope for the often frightened patients who wander through. The traces of light caught as strings through the lens of the camera are really the wishes left making their way to surface that their destinies may some day come true. Perhaps, when you clicked, you took a wish or two with you.

  3. It looks like someone stuck a pin into the wall so as to look like the fish (or whatever that white thing is) was diving for it to eat it. It looks like it’s above a curved doorway. Maybe in your doctor’s office.

  4. It looks like an interesting wall paper print over a white headboard (a headboard I like).
    The yellow thing is possibly a speck of pollen or one of those magnetic fish toys. Post cards…

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