Photo contest winner…

77.jpgSo the results are in (and by results I mean I realized I forgot to select a winner) and the winner of the “What the F#$@ is that?” photo contest is: Adriana.
Her lovely entry was like a logic puzzle that covered every conceivable answer, and so it made me laugh AND it came closest to what the photo actually is:

it’s either a) a yellow ladybug on a blue wall, or
b) something wittier than a yellow ladybug on a blue wall.

Well done.
And for those who have been dying to know what that photo is of…
It’s a Big Bird balloon floating against the ceiling of Grand Central’s main room.

Photo contest.

77.jpgThis (crappy) photo from my cellphone is of something unusual that caught my eye this morning. Maybe I’m high from the tetanus shot I just received, or maybe it’s the rusty nail I’m stabbing myself with, but I thought it would make for a good contest.
So, what do you think it is? Tell me in the comments. Best explanation of what it is (or the one that comes the closest to describing what it actually is) wins a one of a kind postcard with a sneak peek into the setting of my next novel.
You’ve got until 11:59PM, Friday 3/4/2011.