Rochester readings.

I had a whirlwind tour of the Rochester area this past weekend. I flew out of JFK on Friday evening. Evening is a misnomer. Friday night. That’s a misnomer as well. (Note to self: look up the word “misnomer.”) There was a partial shutdown of JFK Friday evening and so my evening flight took off at 1AM, Saturday. I landed in Rochester around 2AM. Arrived at my parentals’ homestead at 3. Woke up nauseous from too much cheese at 4. It was a long day.
Saturday was a Barnes & Noble reading*. Sunday was a reading at the school where I received my undergrad degree, Nazareth College of Rochester. Both went tremendously well. Q&A’s followed both, I ignored a “no drinks beyond this point” because I’m the author dammit, and I do what I want, and I helped my parentals steal leftover cookies from my alma mater.
I flew back to NYC on Sunday evening. All told I slept about 9 hours during the two-and-a-half days. Caffeine is my co-pilot.
*Photographic evidence that a reading did take place, and that I look far too much like Charlie Brown for my own good:

Here I am after being asked if I have the ability to look stoic and remove my own head.

Here I am, proving that I do.

9 thoughts on “Rochester readings.

  1. Pull up while twisting counter-clockwise. No, clockwise. Lefty loosey righty tighty. To the left. Just try both directions, one will work.

  2. I am now jealous of everyone that lives in Brooklyn, Rochester, and… wherever else you’ve been reading.
    Also, I agree with Tawna…where are the brains? I assume it’s always as we suspected, and men’s brains are…not kept in their skulls.

  3. Love your site, Sean. I’m about to start the whole book launch/signing/marketing thing next month (with a small press), and wondered how many months after your pub date are you booking signings and readings? 3 months? 6 months? Forever, dear Lord? Speak, oh informed one.

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