Pop Syndicate profile of … uh… me.

D.B. Grady wrote about me and Numb for PopSyndicate: Numb a Thrilling Debut.
Oh, and I think Numb is out in stores today.

3 thoughts on “Pop Syndicate profile of … uh… me.

  1. That is a wonderful article.
    I love what you said about your wife being an inspiration. My husband has been an artist for over ten years – he has an amazing success story. He’s so cool with the artistic process. It gives me hope for myself. 😉
    Great job, DB, if you’re reading this.
    Happy release day!!! NUMB!

  2. I think it’s so considerate of you to have had your book released yesterday so that it could be purchased in time for President Obama’s birthday today. Because you know that your book is all he really wanted for his 49th.

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