Next Texts at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Looks like it’s official: I will be reading at the Brooklyn Book Festival as part of the “Next Texts” program.
Guess I better write a book.

2 thoughts on “Next Texts at the Brooklyn Book Festival.

  1. I see that Steve Almond will be on right before you! He’s awesome. Go chat with him, you’ll love him. Tell him how much you love the song AFRICA by Toto; that will totally get you two off on the right foot. Tell him you know it’s one of his favorites. Then tell him I said “hi.”

  2. You don’t need to write a book at all; just read Twilight. They’ll love it, I promise. Although they might like a book about a guy who can’t feel pain a bit better (that’s close to being a Vampire, right?), but it’s not like you’ve got any idea about how to write that kind of book 🙂 Have fun!

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