There will be blood (at my reading).

It appears that I will be reading from Numb on July 28th at Paper Cone Stories (held at Jack’s Stir Brew, 138 West 10th Street, NYC). It also appears that I will be reading with Jeff Somers and Evan Mandery, which means that there will be blood, alcohol and sweet, sweet tears. More details as they emerge and I remember them.

7 thoughts on “There will be blood (at my reading).

  1. Tawna, I was going to fly you out, but now that Kari has suggested a carpool, I think you should just rent a bus and pick everyone up along the way.

  2. I’m wearing my Mexican Wrestler mask – I feed off the crowd’s negativity – and will be assaulting the other readers all night. And possibly reading something, but only short pieces that can be screamed while the cops drag me away.

  3. I am SO excited… I may able to make this after all!
    Woo hoo! Can’t wait. ‘Course the only bad thing is my pre-ordered copy of Numb won’t be in hand for you to pre-sign.

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