“Playing Pirate House” at The Nervous Breakdown.

I have an essay pubbed at The Nervous Breakdown.
Playing Pirate House.
An excerpt:

Maintaining a spirit of play as opposed to laboring under the “rules” of writing is a troublesome task. There is an entire industry to teach us the rules. Play, not so much. Inside the playfulness of writing we forge our connection to the reader. It’s behind rules that distance is bred. I was reminded of this over the weekend. I was part of an audience at a gladiatorial arena, also known as a play-date. Surrounded by four- and five-year-olds at the local playground, the other parents and I gave our thumbs-up (“Way to run away from that kicking kid!”) and thumbs-down, (“Don’t kick that kid in the head!”) responses to children who would have ignored us were we not controlling the purse strings when ice cream rolled our way.

BEATter late than never.

So I am finally getting around to posting about my BEA experience.
In short, it was thrilling. A bit like Disney World if Disney World were louder, more crowded and filled with even more people. It was a bit overwhelming to be honest. I passed out at one point and only woke when someone waved a galley under my nose.
The afternoon was thrilling because I got to sign my book for people who apparently want to read it:

I also got to see some familiar faces:

And steal some headgear:

And my favorite Jujubeantea even brought me chicken wings, which was awesome.

And before anyone thinks that the chicken wing picture is just a joke, know this: she did in fact show up with a box of TGIFridays Chicken Wings, and boy were they a great conversation starter for all those in line. The best part for me was that I was seated next to the author of a gourmet cookbook. The people in that line couldn’t help but drool over the tasty looking appetizer that was on my table.
A serious thanks to everyone who came to my table, who took my book, and who didn’t mock me as I walked by. I had a terrific time.