Why I shut down my Facebook account.

“But Zuckerberg is also being dogged by an embarrassing IM thread from when he was a 19-year-old Harvard student, bragging that he’d gathered personal information from thousands of users for the nascent TheFacebook.com. “People just submitted it,” Zuckerberg messaged, “I don’t know why. They ‘trust me.’ Dumb [expletive].” (This comes via Silicon Alley Insider.)
Naturally, the indiscreet IM thread has ignited controversy. Some argue that Zuckerberg shouldn’t be held accountable for something he’d written when he was still a teenager (all of six years ago, mind you). Others say the remarks illustrate a cavalier attitude toward user privacy.”

They want to make money. That’s fine. But I don’t have to help them.

4 thoughts on “Why I shut down my Facebook account.

  1. We should start a Facebook Runaways club! I quit like… almost a month ago? Yes! And I discovered that basically the people I want to keep in touch with… I keep in touch with. Magical.

  2. My own account was in sleep mode, whatever they call it. Deactivated, I guess, for over a year. Then earlier this spring another writer talked me into re-activating, against my better judgment. (I didn’t even know about the convoluted “permanent account delete” process.) Now I’ve made contact with people who use FB as the only way to reach me.
    Gah! I am probably going to delete too, but I keep hesitating. One of these days maybe I’ll get some decisiveness.

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