Publisher’s Weekly review of Numb.

Seems like they liked my book. Check it out here (the seventh review from the top). The only way I could be happier is if they included chicken wings.

18 thoughts on “Publisher’s Weekly review of Numb.

  1. Yes! This is so damn exciting my head hurts. Can’t wait to read it. I hope you’re still willing to do a phone chat with my book club. We are all salivating with anticipation.

  2. Tawna – Thank you for saying “salivating.” And of course I’ll still chat with your book club. I have, however just doubled my rates. (Since they were originally “zero” the doubling doesn’t do much.)

  3. Carrie – This is why I need a kitchen with two ovens. A wing oven, and a cookie oven. I also need two mouths. One for eating, and one for swearing uncontrollably.

  4. Sean – very cool, and congratulations. Janet Reid has been telling me about this book for months now, so it’s a must read when it publishes. I love the whole offbeat thing. I will spread the word in Denver, and maybe AD can get you a reading gig at Lighthouse (Ski season timing is always perfect). She knows the owner.

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