Live Free or BEA Hard.

I don’t recall hearing an engine rev, but apparently my agent, Dame Janet Reid, took a photo of me at BEA from a moving car.

The car must have slowed down for a moment or two, because Janet has other photos on her site. That she only allowed me to have this one tells you something.

Luckily, I am quite the master of late 19th and early 20th century computer technology, and so I was able to clean up the blurred photo she’d provided me. Details below.

6 thoughts on “Live Free or BEA Hard.

  1. So what’d you do to make the Shark take a chunk out of your arm? Letting it bleed like that is going to make her attack again. You should toss the bandage at the kid behind you and run the opposite direction.
    (Wasn’t a late 19th century computer called a pencil and paper?)

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