Do the Numb thing for Nashville.

I’m very excited that an advance reader’s copy of Numb (and a bonus short-short set in the world of my next novel) is available for auction at the Do the Write Thing For Nashville blog.
I hope people will bid, and not because I want them to read my book but because it really is the right thing to do for the struggling city of Nashville. Bid on my item or any item, but please do bid.
Also, please spread the word about this remarkable effort by three remarkable ladies: Victoria Schwab, Amanda Morgan, Myra McEntire.

6 thoughts on “Do the Numb thing for Nashville.

  1. I’ll just answer your thesis question here, because I don’t know how to reply to comments on my blog. Good question. If one of the professors asks me on Monday whether we can judge Humbert objectively as good or bad, or if we can only judge him subjectively, I’d have to say, “We can definitely judge him objectively. As innocent. Because, really. Who HASN’T been turned on by a 12-year-old???”
    Thanks for helping me prepare! I feel ready now.

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