I heard whispering in the hallway and opened my eyes. He tip-toed into the room, came round to my side of the bed. In keeping with how the instructions were delivered, he whispered into my ear.
“Happy birthday, Daddy.”
“Thank you.”
He gave me a hug and a kiss and tried unsuccessfully to pull himself up onto me using my arm and ear for leverage. This brought me out of bed. As I stood at the foot of the bed he scrambled up, rushed to stand on the bed behind me and barely gave me any time between his warning, “I want to jump on your back,” and leaping off for me to catch him with one arm behind me.
Into my ear, “Mommy and I are going to make you a cake.”
“Oh, that sounds good.”
“Is it a surprise?”
“Yum. I look forward to being surprised by it.”
My wife, from the hall, “It was going to be a surprise.”
Another whisper, into my ear, “Can I have a piece when it is done?”
“Yes, I think you can.”
He squealed a bit, happy that someone, anyone he knew was having a birthday and that cake would follow. His happiness made me happy for that too.

12 thoughts on “Surprise.

  1. Too cute!
    My kid brother was famous for spoiling surprises. After my dad sat him down for a serious talk about the importance of not cluing my mother in about the special ring she’d be receiving for Christmas, my brother seemed to get it. Several days later, he reported back with a smug expression. “I fooled her,” he reported. “I told her she’s getting something BETTER than a ring.”
    Happy birthday, by the way! Save some of that cake for me.

  2. The adorableness of this has made my head explode, spewing brain matter and skull fragments all over the kitchen.
    Hmmm, that doesn’t sound nearly as charming as I intended. Oh well.
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday. And why didn’t you mention your looming bday on Monday night? I could have had the professional quiz master give you a shout-out.

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