Porn parody.

I have decided that if (when) I begin to pursue a career in porn I shall have to use the name a Twitter fiend, I mean friend, coined for me: Seamus Virile.
While considering when might be an appropriate time to move into porn (I think I’ll give this fiction thing a little time to see if it clicks) I realized that I would also need a porn title, preferably a parody title, and what better to parody than my own book title? So, if my book should disappear a little too quickly from the book shelves, check out the adult video store for:
Seamus Virile in Nom(nomnomnom).
What would be your porn name and title parody? Add them below in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Porn parody.

  1. My porn name will be Errica Madison (because Errica is an anagram of Carrie, and because I grew up on Madison Avenue), and I have NO IDEA what my book-title (In Name Only) porn parody would be.
    Oh! I got it. “In Nude Only.” The script practically writes itself.

  2. Errica (Carrie): I like the name and the parody title. It’s so easy, everyone should do porn!
    Robin: When you say it would be “A Zombie Memoir with Lots of Sex” how is that different from “Brains”?

  3. My porn name would be Lola Lascivious (although no one would spell it correctly).
    My porn book title: The lascivious misadventures of fellatio ovation.
    My middle-grade fantasy is actually The Curious Misadventures of Feltus Ovalton. It’s scary how well it lends itself to parody.
    MY upcoming YA is currently titled Lucky and of course that would have to be…F*cky.

  4. Jo, my work just got your book in (The Curious Misadventures). How awesome!
    I am too brain-dead to think of a name and title, but I will be back when I do!

  5. Gaylord Whoreson: “Carnal Acquisitions,” “The Slush Pile,” “Rough Drafts,” or “Missed Deadline: A Little Behind”

  6. That’s so cool SJ! Umm, you don’t work in an adult emporium of any kind do you? Because if so, your customers will be sorely disappointed.

  7. I stand by the time-honored tradition of taking your childhood pet’s name plus the street you grew up on to equal your porn name, which makes mine: Holly Burlington. Chesty LaRue does have a nice ring to it, however. My working novel title is “The Community” which could actually work as is for porn, yet another reason to change the title.

  8. It’s always a good idea to have a backup career plan, and porn seems like a wise one.
    Using the old “what’s your porn name?” game (i.e. combining the name of your first pet w/ the name of the street you grew up on) my porn name is Ginger Lorain and my husband is Solomon Shady. Our movie will be given the name my publisher rejected for my debut novel: PLUNDER THAT BOOTY (come on, isn’t that better than MAKING WAVES?)

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