Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 7.

We’re gonna need a bigger blog.

Sure you leave the latest so and and I wanted to let that hi and this is Jane good of the on with go out and it’s going on i, to, i, who went into and then you room Hi, My and see lower phone. You can always is me saying in is some though, who show me the lady going home home film, shoney as a way to go home Beaumont ad and I want to go to bed. Hi, I had to live, Think about an hour ago and I will be ready to mad. Glad of a May roam. I am and see if Hugh can always hand me saying in this. I’ll shark.

4 thoughts on “Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 7.

  1. Who the hell are Jane, May, and Hugh Beaumont? And why does Google voice do a WORSE job of figuring out the slow parts of the song than the fast?
    You clearly have deranged groupies calling you at all hours of the night leaving cryptic messages-in-song. You have my sympathies. I can only imagine how bad it will be once the book comes out.

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