Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 6.

Everyone get their appetite hats on, because the delicious Bill Cameron left me he delicioso recipe for baked beans on Google Voice! Take it away, Bill:

Shaun, hey bill here. Sorry, I will call her, where, but I’m dyslexic and so I was successfully failing to reach you by successfully reaching someone else. So here’s the deal on the dates you need a pound of dry Great Northern Beans. I had a time, so come over night and cold water. You’re leaving for me. It’s about 5 or 6 cups depending on the B’s. Sometimes they absorb a little bit more. The critical point is to make sure that there’s plenty of water so that they don’t, so good. All up and and that would be a sort of swell up some work on. That’s the in the bottom of the ball on the day you wanna take a pound of bacon chop it up and have a good size. Onion about 50 size of chop it up and couple. Alessino some shop them up the star key keep those in the Dutch oven about meeting he doesn’t have to be too hot. We’re trying to do is get just enough for the fat surrender out for the the i mean starts gets off. I was going on. You can get the Of in preheating and about 215. Once the onions are soft, 5 minutes or so. Ads all cleaned do 3 to 5 clothes of chopped garlic depends on how much I’ll go out to you like it if you like more. You can you get a little bit more than that, start all in until you start to get that walked of garlic up into who knows. Yeah if you want to add a quarter cup, it’s me. In case you can be aggressive and I have an entire vote and what’re usually fix cos i think now for a I don’t know. Anyways, I should just go ahead and add of 4 PM. The original recipe that I saw said quarter cup, but I got an attic and also we’re couple molasses and a quarter cup of dark brown sugar, mister all that in until it’s you know. Well next, and you left that he’s a little bit while. Well that’s starting to you know, sort of summer into us to drain the beans reserve is much of the soaking liquid as you can give me at the drain beans and with into the Dutch oven with everything’s cook and then at 2 cups of either vengeful her chicken broth, depending on what you like at this point I’m going lo, studying because. And let’s face it, you’ve got a pound of bacon and her. Otherwise, you know if you know whatever you’ve got on hand, and then 2 cups of, so if you liquid. So the Jennifer forceful cups of liquid and mister that all together and bring it to a boil over high heat Binney at about quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper. Maybe I have 2 teaspoon ground Corey endure black pepper to the extent like that sort of thing. Billy again. Yes I do you have a Rhonda Night, but we’re almost done, see you’ve got out. You know all this evening’s in maybe a little bit. Salt feel like you need to add some salt. It’s true, it all up, put a lid on it and then put the Dutch oven you know into the into your point, and let the Cook’s 68. You know we can go 10 hours. If you’ve got it, no more than 2 and 50 degrees, so it’s kind of thing we can sort of put it in all day and least. Very, very important live with your legs not with your back, i i rafters disc in my back putting the baked beans, and the 11th. You’re gonna january and Welch just this is only for everybody and then that you know when are all done. You could maybe put a little bit of grated cheese on the top looped all of us are cream if you like Saturday. CNN’s is will be marvelous. Anyways, enjoy share. Talk to you soon man. Take it easy. Bye.

Uh… yum?

5 thoughts on “Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 6.

  1. “All of us are cream, if you like Saturday.”
    This will be our Mason-like code for fellow travelers well met. People we know or who read our books, follow our tweets, check our blogs–everywhere, around the world, they will be able to turn to the next person at the bar and say “All of us are cream,” with a heavy, disturbing emphasis on the last word. If the person next to them nods and says “If you like Saturday” with equally disturbing emphasis on “If”, and they will know they are both part of a loose federation of people who know this password.
    Genius. It’s up there with Save That Cereal, you ask me.

  2. “Yeah if you want to add a quarter cup, it’s me.”
    If you’re not going to submit these to literary magazines, how about self-publication? GOOGLE VOICE POETRY, a collection. Genius.

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