Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 3.

The dirty limerick, about that gentleman from Nantucket.
Once was Indian food and talk to you to stick with the wants to talk to you. He said the Siegfried if you wanna talk to chat with your with the content.
Many thanks to my nemesis, Carrie Kei Heim Binas, for the suggestion. You’ll rue the day you messed with me.

3 thoughts on “Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 3.

  1. It makes you sort of wonder… Stephen Hawking has been using one of these things for years, so the first ones he had should be less technologically advanced… you see where I’m going, right? Is he really a genius, or did the equivelent of the monkeys typing Shakespeare happen?
    I’d also like to mention I speak with ‘outsourced’ employees from Sri Lanka and Indonesia all day at my day job, and many of my conversations are quite similar to this garbled, poetic magnificence.

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