Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 2.

Christi Goddard had a great idea which she posted in the comments of my first lesson on Google Voice Poetry:

Maybe if someone read poetry aloud on your voicemail, it would come out garbled prose. TRY POE!

Let’s give it a try.
The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe
Once upon a good day.
Dreary well.
I just wondered weekend.
Mary over many waiting.
Curious following up.
I forgot, lore.
Well I know I did you sleep.
And I think.
Certainly there came a tapping.
Hey sis.
Some one champion rapping wrapping a cheaper to to some visitor letter tapping in my chamber door on Wednesday.
Nothing more.
I distinctly I remembered it was in the leak December.
If you can separate dining.
Amber, It’s, coast on the floor.
If you can really wish tomorrow.
It’s not to borrow from my books.
Sissy sits R O sorrowful lost little for the rare and refused mate from the angels call.
Hey most here forever more.
I’m not sure if it’s prose, but it could be dialog between “Amber” and “Sissy.”
And for the record, I think it’s brilliant that Google Voice takes Poe’s first line and turns it into the simple “Once upon a good day.”

4 thoughts on “Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 2.

  1. That was hilarious. I wonder what it would do with Dr. Seuss. I bet it’d totally ruin Shakespeare’s 10 meter. Which would be blasphemous and amusing at the same time.

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