Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 1.

I signed up for Google Voice, Google’s answer to the question: why do I want a company to provide me with voice mail and then mangle the voice mails into e-mails that are completely useless?
Every voicemail I get is “texted” to me and also e-mailed to me. Google clearly needs to revise the speech recognition at work here, or they need to rename the program to GooglePoetry because the results are like honeyed jazz, man, snap snap. Check out the “text” from an actual voicemail I received last night:
Hey Sean, It’s.
Larry has gone.
Hope I’m not calling too late.
It’s little after 10 has.
I’m looking at the modem there’s something there is a wire coming,
you know if I don’t know the cable wire that’s connecting to the I don’t know
and I just connect that where I can reconnect it with Susan max.
It doesn’t look like there’s easy as I thought
it might be some might need your people’s assistance to do.
If it’s too late tonight at school although fix something up,
but if you can,
that’d be great,
just come down or give me a give us a call.

6 thoughts on “Google Voice Poetry, Lesson 1.

  1. Man, I’d love to add to your entertainment, but Janet won’t give out your phone number. No idea why not. You love your fans, right? RIGHT?
    Maybe if someone read poetry aloud on your voicemail, it would come out garbled prose. TRY POE!

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