A birthday song, transcribed for my protection.

I received a lovely voice mail yesterday from Janet Reid. She sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and though I could post the audio, I feared that she would have my arms removed if I did so. Instead, I’ll share that best of old standbys, the Google Voice Transcription:

Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday Dear Sean, Ferrell happy birthday to you. I’m told it’s your birthday. My guess is the Jeff Services making this all up but maybe not. Later gator.

As you can see, Google Voice did a pretty good job this time around. I think this was because Janet was singing, slowly (she knows that when you speak to me it is best to do it very slowly, with long pauses between words). Also note that “Jeff Somers” became “Jeff Services” which should obviously be (and probably is) Jeff’s porn name.

8 thoughts on “A birthday song, transcribed for my protection.

  1. Jeff Services is brilliant. Think of the titles! A whole series of videos entitled “JEFF SERVICES [blank]”. The revenue stream will be huge. I’m in. Who wants to film me servicing?

  2. If you hear someone laughing hysterically from upstate New York that would be me. I don’t know why but just reading the words – Jeff Services, cracks me up.
    Jeff I couldn’t film you hon, I would be too busy wiping away the tears streaming down my face from laughing…just saying. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Hi Sean~ I clicked over from Tawna’s blog. Thanks so much for sharing your methods. I’m working my way through the second first draft of my first novel (I realized nineteen chapters into the first first draft that I needed an outline). It’s inspiring to hear how other novelists approach the work.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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