“I read a lot of threads…”

I came down with some sort of horrible stomach virus last night. I’m still not certain I survived. If so, I’m considering hiring a MTA bus driver to run over me. Please don’t pity me, pity those who have to live with me. I look and possibly smell so bad that even my dog left the room.
In my attempts to feel better I lugged my hot water bottle and what’s left of my body over here to my computer to see if the internet could sooth my ills, or at least make me forget that parts of my body are trying to secede from the union that is me. I was lucky. It worked, because thanks to Wil Wheaton I found this brilliant essay:
I read a lot of threads about being lonely, sad or unhappy in general by alukima.
alukima, a 26 year old with three times that in life experience, breaks down life in a list of simple statements, ways that you can make yourself happy. She’s on to something. Check out her essay, and then see if you don’t find yourself both nodding in agreement and feeling awestruck at her honesty and self-motivation.
An excerpt:

People who set realistic goals and work towards them succeed.
Have you noticed just how disgustingly poor my understanding of grammar and punctuation is? I never advanced past 8th grade English. Here is something I wrote in g-chat just over a year ago: “I like sam beam better then te decemeris…. i wish thy would tour their going to be in st louis soon. go you wnna go?” That line was sent to a guy I wanted to date. I was trying. I was sober. I am still awful but at least people can understand me. Its very embarrassing but I have to work hard to sound this stupid.

Thank you, alukima.

9 thoughts on ““I read a lot of threads…”

  1. Awesome – “I have now given in and am constantly happy.”
    I’m reading The Teenage Liberation Handbook right now and I keep realizing how fettered my mind and time have been with false “duties”. Real duties are joyful. False duties are oppressive.
    Thanks for the article. Sorry you’re sick. I hope you feel better soon. Poopie can come stay with me if you really smell that bad.

  2. I read this yesterday when she posted it to reddit (I am obsessed with reddit in the worst way) and I’ve been thinking about it pretty much non stop since then.
    Specifically the goal thing. It’s tough, because some people do achieve those completely unattainable goals, but most people don’t… so how does someone KNOW what’s unattainable? ya know?
    I have a lot to say about this essay, but I don’t want to freak you out haha so I’ll just exit quietly…

  3. Bill, thanks, and I hope it cures your lack of motivation.
    Carrie, it is to the point, and awesome.
    Anonymous, you’re really Dan Krokos aren’t you.
    Beth, Nice try. I know it was Dan.
    Jamie, Don’t worry about freaking me out. I’m so hungry from starving this virus that I’m having visions. Currently there is an imp in the bathtub laughing hysterically. It’s possible that imp is actually my son and I’m supposed to be watching him. Not sure.

  4. I hope by now you’re feeling better.
    I finally got a chance to visit the link and I’m glad I did. Sometimes the most simple things in life give us the most profound epiphanies.
    I think human beings make life far more complicated than need be. A constant reminder I say to myself is, ‘You are what you want to be.'(Hugs)Indigo

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