Susan Adrian interviews Nova Ren Suma.

The tremendous Susan Adrian (writer, blogger, all around good egg) has a wonderful interview with Nova Ren Suma, author of Dani Noir, up on her site. Prizes could be yours (YOURS!) if you dare to read, enjoy, and enter.
A snippet:

Interview with Nova Ren Suma and Contest!!
Here it is, peeps! The DANI NOIR interview, with the Most Fabulous Nova Ren Suma!!
Nova is the author of DANI NOIR, a tween novel about noir-movie-obsessed Dani and the lies she uncovers in her small nothing-ever-happens town, out now in hardcover and ebook from Simon & Schuster / Aladdin. IMAGINARY GIRLS, Nova’s YA debut, is the story of two sisters and their bond that can’t be broken. It is due out in hardcover tentatively in Summer 2011 from Penguin / Dutton.
Also, Nova is immensely cool. Just so you know.

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