My review of “Running Away” at PopMatters.

My review of Running Away by Jean Philippe Toussaint is up at PopMatters. A sample:

In the spirit of Camus and Beckett, Jean-Philippe Toussaint has provided a slice of a character’s life so uncanny and deep that to try to boil it down to its essence is nearly impossible: it already has been boiled down. Running Away shaves off just a few days from the unnamed narrator’s life, yet it cuts to the root of him, and what is peeled away is pressed to the window where dirty light filters through and we get to see how the colors of it sparkle on the room around us. Toussaint, a brilliant and prize-winning French author, dives deep into how we stretch ourselves thin between places in our attempt to be with one another in this stunning novel.

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  1. Not the kind of book I need to be reading during my winterly bout of SAD, but the review was lovely. For some reason the plot reminded me a bit of Run Lola Run, but with a diff. feel. Where did I read that the nation’s soul suffered with the advent of motoring vacations? Families drove along state highways appreciating scenery from their cars, rather than going somewhere and staying put for weeks.
    I watched Brick, by the way, and I’m still thinking about it. Rian Johnson has skills.

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