I was not drinking when I wrote this. (Maybe.)

Stop the presses. Looks like a small but surprisingly significant percentage – more than ten percent – of Caucasians may have a gene that makes them more creative while consuming alcohol. Okay, you can restart those presses.
Now that all the writers have fled to the nearest bar claiming they want to “get some work done,” the rest of you can weigh the consequences of drinks ability to prime the pump:

The creative effect of alcohol, then, seems to involve a delicate counterpoint between stimulation and relaxation. Unlike some side-effects of drink, such as its tendency to make some people morose or violent, this endorphin release is positive and pleasant to behold. People with this gene variant also seem more prone to alcoholism, perhaps engaging in an increasingly vain pursuit of the highs they used to experience after the first drink or two.

Yeah, so, not all good. Good feelings (plus), more likely to be alcoholic (negative), vain pursuit of the high (been there, done that).

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