We should all have this problem.

A few days ago a letter in “Dear Abby” got me to knock my head against the wall. See it here:

DEAR ABBY: I have recently enjoyed the success of having my first book published . However, this achievement has begun to change my life in ways I hadn’t expected.
I am a somewhat shy and reflective person by nature, preferring to live quietly rather than being in the spotlight. Having the freedom to spend time with my family and to enjoy the little things in life is more important to me than success. However, since my book’s debut, I have felt myself pulled into a different sort of world.
I am meeting more “important” people than I can remember, and I am struggling to keep up. My inbox is inundated with questions, appointments and invitations. I am expected at speaking events and signings that don’t feel entirely authentic. I know I would be an idiot not to embrace these opportunities, but I am becoming more and more uncomfortable and stressed. Maybe this just isn’t me.
How can I be who I am without feeling like a disappointment to those who believe in me?

Are you kidding me? If that’s a problem sign me up.
The most disturbing part of all this is that, yes, I do read “Dear Abby.”

9 thoughts on “We should all have this problem.

  1. If it makes you feel better, I read this too…on an RSS feed. And I, too, smacked my head against the wall in one of those ‘oh, please…oh, please…oh, please’ moments.

  2. This doesn’t feel right to me. Does it to you?
    Perchance there are writers that feel this way, but honestly, writing to Dear Abby about it??
    I’m not quite sure I believe this, although I know “Dear Abby” and “Ann Landers” both swore they never had to make up letters.

  3. What’s sadder is that I read it too. But I agree. That’s your worry? Why not just pay me 25% of your royalties and put my name on the book. I’ll be happy to live through your hardship.

  4. Peter: My only salvation was that “Abby”‘s response was: Get over it.
    Janet: I had the same thought. In fact I often feel that way about “Abby”‘s letters. And that brings us to the horrifying fact that, yes, I do read “Dear Abby” every day.
    TK42ONE: You are a caring, self-sacrificing soul… and I hate you for thinking of that before I did.

  5. And BTW Abby, no matter how many chocolate caramel eggs I eat I keep losing weight and my butt keeps looking better and I’ve had dozens of good hair days in a row and I just don’t know if I can handle the admiring looks I keep getting. Please help, it just isn’t “me” to be attractive.

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