“Numb” by Sean Ferrell, sold to HarperCollins.

I’ve sold my first novel to HarperCollins.
Excuse me while I am struck dumb and stare at those words for a minute or twenty.
This has been a long time coming. The novel has been kicking my ass for years. Then it began kicking uber-agent Janet Reid’s ass. Now it’s gonna have a go at Gabe Robinson, my editor (did I just type “my editor?!?”). Poor Mr. Robinson, Editor Extraordinaire, doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. Sure, he’s fine with the novel, but he has to work with me. He’ll be kicking himself in no time.
Actually, I pray that’s not true. I met Gabe face to face recently at the Brooklyn watering-hole “The Gate” and he’s a real gentleman and I look forward to working with him. His first go around with suggested improvements was spot on, definitely made the book better, and I feel such gratitude at having both an agent and editor who “got” the book and wanted it.
“Numb,” the book in question, will be coming out in 2010. No publication date is set in stone, but I think I’ll be able to keep everyone up to date with a post or two between now and then. Until then, I think I’ll just go back up to the top of this post and stare at my first sentence for another hour or two.
(I guess I do now have the problem that the Dear Abby writer had. Lucky me.)

14 thoughts on ““Numb” by Sean Ferrell, sold to HarperCollins.

  1. Sean, congratulations! Janet is a wonderful agent from what I have heard and I have little doubt that I’ll be soon picking your book up from the local bookstore. Good luck and savor the moment.

  2. I am so proud of you, Sean. I knew from the moment that you were born that you were someone special (pardon the cliche). You have always been your own person, wandering off on paths not taken, and look how it has paid off!

  3. Dear Sean, I don’t know you but I am very happy for you! I am getting ready to send my first 2 chapters to Janet. I am wishing that I have that luck that day. Looking forward to reading your BOOK. This whole publishing business is crazy from everything I’ve been reading. Trust don’t trust contracts etc. I guess I just have to take the swan dive and see what happens in the sea of lit

  4. Sean, once again, what a pleasure for me, your former anguish teacher, to leardn that your anguish has finally paid off. Please pass on my fondest regards to your terrific parents. Best, David l. Pollard

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