Department of Eagles.

Over the weekend Wife, Son and I gathered round a table at a Brooklyn restaurant (the always satisfying Belleville). As we ate I kept getting distracted by the music playing in the restaurant. Slightly off-kilter. Playfully dark. I loved it.
“What are we listening to?” I asked the waiter.
He smiled knowingly. “It’s Department of Eagles. If you’re familiar with Grizzly Bear it’s a side project of theirs.”
I nodded knowingly. I am good at faking knowingly. I had no knowinglyness about Grizzly Bear at all. “Ah, Department of Eagles. Okay. Grizzly Bear. Yes. Ah.”
When I got home I looked them up. Department of Eagles is here. They give away two songs for free (two GOOD songs). They have videos (GOOD videos, not the crap that plays on cable). They are also on iTunes.
Check them out. They’re excellent. If I had to pick one band to perform on a mud covered fairground while the Ferris wheel burned, it would be these guys.

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