Now, where did I put that gun?

gun.jpgI’ve begun revising my current work-in-progress, something called a (air-quote) novel (air-quote). I say (air-quote) novel (air-quote) because right now it’s more of a (air-quote) mess (air-quote). I’m not done with the first draft either, but I’ve stumbled a bit and the stumble requires a re-read and some revision. The stumble is this: I can’t remember where things are.
A gun for instance. My character has one. More than one actually. Where are they, what did he do with them? I don’t recall. It’s been a busy novel. He lost track; I lost track. So, back I go. It’s much better than the alternative which was to keep flogging away at an ending that was turning to mud because I couldn’t remember where items were. It’s also providing me the opportunity to map it all out. A big sheet of paper, lots of lines and arrows. Character locations, object locations, location locations. It’s all going on the map. When I’m done I’m sure I’ll have no idea what the map says, but until then I’m working on it and carrying it in my bag.
It’s also nice to be reminded, every once in a while, during a revision period like this, that some of what I wrote (weeks, months, a year) earlier doesn’t absolutely turn my stomach.
Some of it. Other bits… eh.

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