What to do with that short story collection.

Allison Amend, whose short story collection Things That Pass for Love will be coming out from OV Books in the fall, has a very insightful and, I think, helpful essay giving tips on selling a short story collection. Although I have been locked in a to-the-death battle with my novels-in-progress (huzzah hyphenation!) I also continue to work with some shorter pieces, and have many short stories that have remained homeless despite submissions upon submissions. I suffer mostly I think from a lack of identifiable genre, something that the Adirondack Review was able to get past when they gave “Building an Elephant” the Fulton Prize (for which I will always remain amazingly grateful). Writing quasi-sci-fi, magical realistic, fabulist fiction ain’t were the money’s is at, though I do think there are a great number of readers. I hope to eventually cobble together enough stories to have a “collection”. Too many of my current under-the-bed stories are things I wrote for the wrong reasons (i.e. to please professors and my then readers) and don’t think they represent me all that well. In the meantime, I’ll keep at the longer things, and throw the occasional story at the nearest contests (or those readers that are willing to ask).

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