Navel Gazing.

Pardon me as I ramble:
So I come up for air and discover that over a month has passed since my last post. A month? Try month-and-a-half. Damn. I’ve been busy, but… 45 days busy?
I’ve got a new novel in the works. Four words: Time travel murder mystery. I’m currently transcribing another. And I pounded out a screenplay. Oh, and American Idol’s been good this season. Seriously, lots of things to write, not a lot of time, and blogging slips away and away.
So what brings me back? This article from the NYTimes: Michiko Kakutani rips Martin Amis a new one.
That’s my title for the article, not theirs. Theirs is a shorter.
What brought me out of hibernation was the arrogant and self-aggrandizing stance of Mr. Amis’ assertions. Me thinks he looks inward too much. Can he really perceive 9/11 in such cynical terms? As a semantic phenomenon? God I hope not. But from Kakutani’s review it seems that he does. It’s important to keep a sense of place, know what’s going on, and remember what your endeavors really amount to. Mr. Amis seems to operate on the assumption that the world only exists so that people can write books about it. I’d much rather remember that anything I do, writing or otherwise, is part of and reflective of the world. Not only do I wish my writing to be respected, but I want the world it inhabits to be respected to. So while I haven’t been blogging, I have been trying to keep myself in the world.
So, who do you like in American Idol?
Oh, and Call of Duty 4 rocks.

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