Jason Segel.

This NYTimes article about Jason Segel (“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “How I met Your Mother”) nicely illustrates how you have to be ready to put yourself in harms way to get your vision out there. Or, alternatively, how you have to put your ding-dong on the screen to be true to your art. It seems that Mr. Segel wrote a humiliating, nude, break-up scene for himself in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Bravo. The article goes on to say how he did this because when it had happened to him in real life he realized that it was too good a moment to ignore.
The article also recounts how Judd Apatow has played a strong, mentoring, and vital part of Mr. Segel’s career, including being the one to encourage him to write his own material.
It’s nice to see an article with a simple “keep doing the work and things will happen” message.

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