Writers? We don’t need no stinkin’ writers.

threewayknockout.jpgThe writers strike has brought some bad, bad things to light. Please see “American Gladiators” and that FOX lie-detector-test show for examples. They are prime examples of what you get when you don’t have writers telling people what to say.
There are also examples of the writers strike forcing creativity and kicking ass. Such is the case with the I-(heart)-Huckabee smackdown that crossed channel boundaries. Conan, Stewart and Colbert pulled a Marx Brothers rabbit out of their writerless hats. Who doesn’t love poorly used stunt doubles and ice skates used as weapons? I know I do.
And if nothing else, the trio has provided me with my favorite new painting (see above). I’m going to get it blown up to six feet by 3 feet and hang it over my bed.

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