Voices from the Street by Philip K. Dick

VoicesFromTheStreet(1stEd).jpgThis isn’t one of PKD’s best. It’s a book he wrote in the 1950s, ahead of his pulp sci-fi, and while it deals with many of the same themes he explores in his speculative fiction it does it in a rather ham-handed way. Some of the scenes are straight out of B-movie dramas, women wringing their hands while the man stands threateningly above them. Others are very strong and are such surprises that they kept me reading. In short, this reads like an early novel of a man of ideas unsure of how to say what he feels compelled to say. PKD’s standard issues of disillusionment, isolation, and attempts to define humanity fill the book. If you look past some weak writing you’ll find an interesting literary exploration. It’s also surprisingly long for a PKD novel (nearly 300 pages in the hardcover, and their 300 tightly packed pages at that).
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