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Another author gets walloped by the plagiarism police. This time, it’s romance writer Cassie Edwards. She got caught as the result of a joke one woman at Smart Bitches/Trashy Books. She gave a non-Romance Novel-reading friend three books, one being an example of the “worst” that the Romance genre has to offer, and upon reading Ms. Edwards’ book this friend started Googling passages and found that many were lifted from other sources. You can go to Smart Bitches/Trashy Books and see many of the examples. Some of the original sources are rather old (one is from 1907), others not so old. (Sidebar: wouldn’t it blow to get caught copying other’s books? Wouldn’t it be worse if the reason you got caught was because someone used you as an example of “the worst of the genre?” Eek.)
And as the AP article (link above) points out, Ms. Edwards and her husband are claiming she did nothing wrong.
Note to authors: if you find yourself having to use words like “take” in reference to your research, then you are doing something wrong.

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