Building a Reading

For those interested in how the reading on 11/2 went…
After a very, very, very nice introduction by my agent (Janet Reid, whom I wouldn’t trade for all the whiskey in Ireland), I got up, told a few jokes and got into it. I could only read an excerpt as my story was clocking in at 40+minutes. I wanted to keep it to 20 so I read the first half. Janet had prepared copies of the story for people to take with them to read it in its entirety. I read, keeping my head aimed at my papers, and heard laughter at the appropriate times. When I finished I looked up to see that there were about 40+ people in the room. There were people who had to stand at the back! It was amazing.
I sat down, and the other readers read. Some wonderful stories were shared by the others. It was a very nice evening and there were refreshments. I got to meet a couple of Janet’s other authors, and was pleased to meet Evan Mandery, whose novel Dreaming of Gwen Stefani came out just when I signed on with Janet. He’s a great writer and is worth checking out.
All in all it was fun and barely hurt. I’d do it again.

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