3 thoughts on “Building an Elephant

  1. Hi Sean,
    I really enjoyed this story — thanks for posting the link. I posted a small review of it on my blog (hope you don’t mind). I had a few minor quibbles, but overall this story really grabbed me, and still hasn’t quite let me go. I don’t generally post reviews of other people’s writing on my blog, but in this case I was just too into your story to not write something about it. Great work!

  2. Hi Sean,

    That was an incredible story. *spoiler alert* I was hoping you weren’t going to kill the elephant, but that shows me how much I cared about the story that the fake elephant was so real to me. I sort of was able to read the ending through the jumbled text, but it didn’t lessen the impact overall, not being able to see the last two paragraphs.


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