Philip K. Dick’s kids: The future keepers

This LA Times story is about the efforts of Philip K. Dick’s children to ensure that future film adaptations of his books come out more like “Bladerunner” and less like “Paycheck” (Ben Affleck, a pox upon you). The article is very interesting, and the best part is at the end where his daughter discusses meeting the PKD robot built with misguided love by some PKD fans:

When was the last time Hackett saw her father? Well, in a way it was 2005. That’s when a team of scientists — all of them among Dick’s many devotees in the wired world — put his face on an eerie android with lifelike skin, camera eyeballs and an artificial intelligence that allowed it to recognize old friends. When Hackett saw the face she almost fainted.
“It looked very much like my dad,” she said. “When my name was mentioned it launched into a long rant about my mother and this one time that she took me and left him. It was not pleasant.”
Hackett, knowing that her heritage and life pursuits require a certain affinity for the bizarre, said she “understands” where the robot’s creators were coming from and that it was flattering that they selected her dad to be the face of their high-tech curiosity. That android, by the way, was supposedly “misplaced” by an unnamed airline, its handlers said, a shady story to say the least, but Hackett doesn’t miss the contraption.
“That flight it was on, the one where it was lost, it was headed to Santa Ana. That’s where my dad died. That’s fitting, I guess. It’s still out there somewhere.”

First, I didn’t realize that PKD had such attractive offspring.
Second, I’m so glad that so many of his books and stories are making their way to the big screen.
But third, the man was a writer of ideas which work so well in book form that I hope that people don’t forget to READ him.
One of the upcoming films is Ubik, one of his best and funniest novels. It’s worth reading, no matter who is cast in the film.
And the film I’m looking forward to the most is probably the one that isn’t even one of his books: Paul Giamatti will be playing PKD in a biopic.

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