First Nuclear Blast

I post this because of the power of Oppenheimer’s words. I’ve been working on the end of a novel and a character is loosely based on Oppenheimer. I’ve been looking for some insight into the man’s feelings and stumbled (who believes in coincidence?) onto this video. It’s exactly what I needed.
Sometimes, if we keep our eyes open we find ourselves guided to the material we seek or need. And when that material is as powerful as this is (his emotion is so visible that I feel his guilt for him) it’s impossible to ignore.

2 thoughts on “First Nuclear Blast

  1. Jaye – that was my thought exactly. This morning on the train I was writing a scene with this character of mine and thinking, “I really need to find some quotes that give me an idea of this sort of man’s thinking.” Hours later, I stumbled onto that video. Now I’ve got a biography of Dr. O in my Amazon cart (it won a Pulitzer, so it ought to be okay).

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