Library of America to release second PKD set.

I’m on a PKD roll.
Galleycat has news that the Library of America will be releasing a second set of Philip K. Dick novels*, and he speculates as to which ones they will be. He goes with A Maze of Death; Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, A Scanner Darkly; and Galactic Pot-Healer. Very good guesses is you want a variety of titles from a wide number of years. However, I really dig his second suggestion, that a trilogy of VALIS, The Divine Invasion and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer would make sense. These three, written very close together and tightly wound round each other, are not a trilogy in the Lord of the Rings sense. They are more of a set in the way that some of Clint Eastwood’s films (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Outlaw Josey Wales; Unforgiven) could be seen as a set: thorough examinations of the same setting, similar themes, and sometimes contradictory thoughts, but of such a piece that reading them all heightens the experience of each.
I am now rambling, so I’ll just go think about robots and calm down.
*NOTE: Commentor “Chuck” mentions below that the editor of the PKD volumes, the wonderful Jonathan Lethem, will be speaking about them at the Cooper Union here in NYC. Information on his talk can be found here. Thanks, Chuck!

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  1. This is such cool news! A headline correction, though: I think you mean “The Library of America” in your headline, not the American Library

  2. Chuck – You are correct. The American Library is the library from an alternate Earth, one where the Allies lost WWII and the US is split between Germany and Japan.
    Or maybe that’s just a book I read.

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