Times Square New York CityResearch can be fun. A WIP I’ve been working on demanded – demanded, I say – that I get a small digital camera and head to Times Square in New York City. The fact that I live in NYC, and work about a 1/2 mile from Times Square makes this easy. Thing is, there was a day when I would have said, “I don’t know the details about ‘Topic X'” and as a result I either would fake it, making my writing derivative (by stealing from TV shows, movies and other’s writing), or I would avoid it completely, avoid writing about my lack of knowledge, and let the story wither. This time was different.
Times Square New York CityI have a digital camera, but it’s kind of big, so I asked for some advice from my brother. “What camera should I get – small and good quality images?” He had an old one he gave me for next to nothing. I think he only charged me because I wouldn’t have taken it if he hadn’t. Then I had to head over to Times Square. It’s been in the 90s here for a while, with humidity, so I waited until a day when the haze blew away and walked over during my lunch break. It was a hot, long walk, but I got some great photos and my research was complete.
Times Square New York CityWhat I needed was some shots of how the advertising in the Square is connected to the buildings. In essence, I wanted to see the nuts and bolts of the giant screens, the billboards, and the building facades. The fact that I saw several thousand of my closest friend along the way was a bonus.

3 thoughts on “Research

  1. I visited New York for the first time last summer. I have to say Time Square was one of my least favorite areas. But, yes, the advertising is effective because I’m so going to buy those shoes in the Target ad (top pic).

  2. I couldn’t agree more; Times Square is an overwhelming ad for advertising gone wrong. It’s Girls Gone Wild without the girls (thanks to efforts to clean it up). I actually didn’t know what most of the ads were for until I sat down and looked at the photos – the Target ad being one of them. I stared at a giant foot and didn’t know what it was selling (slim ankles, I thought). Other than the Coca-Cola ad (Coke being one of the most recognized symbols in the world) I don’t know that anyone would come out of there knowing what they had been shown, what it was for, or where to find it. It’s like falling into the glossy ad pages of a magazine, and not being able to find your way out.

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