Everybody jump on the Oprah Express

From the “What the F()@$ Was He Thinking” Dept.: Author pretends to be Oprah Bookclub pick.
I’m surprised anyone noticed.
This is so sad, but not too far removed from sending materials to an agent or editor with “requested material” printed on the envelope when the agent or editor hasn’t ever even talked to you. Some people are so desperate for success (in whatever form they think it should come) that they set aside how the world works and leap. At least in this case the guy leaped and only made himself look like an ass. Sadder cases are those who leap and cheat/steal/hurt others, all in the name of a few bucks, filling the hole in their soul, or maybe just to get their name in the paper.
The ironic thing is, I think that this whole affair makes for a compelling story. If only he’s written it instead of doing it.
From his website (via the Cape Cod News):

“I am very honored that my new novelette, Crossed Paths, has been selected as an edition (sic) to Oprah’s Book Club. This prestigious recognition paved the way to my appearance on “Oprah” in May 2007. Click here to view a copy of the transcript from the show.
Crossed Paths, based on a true story, is also being developed into a feature film.
– From a recent version of Bill Schneider’s home page, www.billschneider.us, which also featured a five-page transcript of what he claimed was his appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. (See below)
“I am very happy that my novelette, Crossed Paths, is also being developed into a feature film.” – From www.billschneider.us yesterday.

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