Meant to be?

A recent e-mail from my father revealed that he had found this site and had added it (he thinks, but can’t be certain) to his ‘favorites’ list (Hi Dad!). He also revealed a bit of family history which connected with my recently announced Fulton Prize win:

The final mention of the Fulton Prize award is interesting on several levels that you might not even have thought of. There are Fultons on your mother’s side of the family and your mother taught at Fulton High School (Fulton, MO) right after we got married. She drove a 28 mile commute each and every work day between Columbia and Fulton. You may recall the story of Fulton being the country seat for “the Kingdom of Callaway.” If not, ask her to tell you that story sometime. Also, Fulton, MO, is the location of the famous Churchill speech after WWII when the prime minister made the first-ever mention of “an Iron Curtain has descended upon the West.” Remember that Truman was president and from MO, and Truman had invited Churchill to speak in Fulton at Westminster College (all male at the time).
Anyway, now you have won the Fulton prize, and that is certainly well deserved since you have all sorts of links to that name.

I don’t know that I believed in fate… but now… hmmm…

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