Jeff Somers

electricchurch.jpgI saw a woman on the train yesterday reading an ARC and loved the cover. What kind of freaked me out as I looked at it was that I knew it was an ARC. “How,” I thought, “do I know that is an ARC?” I checked out the title and the author’s name. Something about “Jeff Somers” rang a bell, so I did a bit of digging. Turns out he and I have the same agent. I haven’t met him, read him, or thrown any eggs at him, but now I want to do two out of those three.
People should check out Jeff Somers. His book is coming out in the fall: “The Electric Church.” It sounds like Philip K Dick crossed with HP Lovecraft telling a Raymond Chandler story. Cool stuff. And, his blog is funny, his take on the publishing industry is as fearful and superstitious as mine, and he’s got a pretty cool site dedicated to the book too.

6 thoughts on “Jeff Somers

  1. Hey Sean–thanks! I can’t believe you noticed my book from across a train. I generally have my head lodged so far up my own wondrous ass I notice nothing. When I am on my deathbed and people ask me what’s flashing before my eyes, I will squint and say “Um, beer…lotta beer…a few movies…hmmmn…” and then expire.

  2. That’s better than me on my deathbed:
    “Sean… Sean… what are you thinking about?”
    “That Simpsons where Homer goes to Clown College.”

  3. Clown college! Classic! I often end public appearances by shouting That’s it! You people have stood in my way long enough. I’m going to clown college!”
    Then I try throwing a smoke bomb and running away, but that part never works right.

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