Not much time today (I have to hurry off to watch my son while my wife gets an all too seldom day-off from Mommying) so I thought I’d just share a doofus moment.
At work, I regularly get e-mail notifications about projects which are ready for my review. When I get them I forward the email to a coworker with the brief request, “please print”. I typically get the emails in batches, so I’ll type “please print,” copy it and then go from email to email pasting it. Today I got a batch, did as I usually do, then started reading a few websites for relaxation during breakfast.
One of the sites I visited was Miss Snark. One of the writers on her site wrote a really funny line which I wanted to share with someone else and I copied and pasted it into my email to them. I then returned to my work email. There, I found several more emails for proposal, and began to forward them with my customary “please print,” only I didn’t paste “please print”, instead I pasted this:

am I pounding sand in my desires

I caught myself as my cursor hovered over the send button. I don’t think my coworker would have been offended, but he might have been curious as to why I was asking him this.

One thought on “Interlude

  1. Ha! It would have been funnier if you’d caught that after you’d sent. Such a great feeling when your stomach drops after doing such a thing. And yes, I’ve done it myself.

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