Incan Bridges

rope%20bridge.jpgNot much time to post today, but I thought I’d share a NYTimes article I was captivated by. I’m fascinated by the Incan bridgebuilding technique. I almost wish we built things like this now. I can imagine New York City’s highrises strung together by delicate lines of bridges, like spider webs covering the city. People able to walk in a straight line from the 30th floor of the Empire State Building to the 20th of the Chrysler would stop grumbling about crowds and street traffic and would instead would swoon at the vision of the city from above, as they swayed peacefully, clinging for dear life to a series of small fibers that barely hold themselves together.
It would be marvelous.

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  1. I would have loved to have taken that class. Think about it: what could we really bring to the table were we to be stuck in the past? We don’t really know shit; everything is handed to us in neat wrappers.

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