This article from Galley Cat, which starts out about the new Harry Potter book, ends on a note about the publisher Nigel Newton’s interest in creating a new method of marketing fiction: A YouTube for writers.
Now, I’m not against use of new media at all. In fact I’m planning on recording some of my short stories as podcasts and releasing them here, for free, for readers to take and listen to and share (anyone intersted in that sort of thing? Anyone? Hello?). What I do wonder about is the methodology. Creating a new marketplace and means of distributing books doesn’t solve the issue that publishers aren’t promoting books in a way that finds readers. Creating a huge online bazaar may or may not be the answer. I suppose if it is categorized in a sufficient way it may work, but how often do you go to YouTube, or any other video site, and browse through their categories. Isn’t it usually the case that someone sends you a link, or you do a search on a specific name or phrase and find that “will ferrell oscars song” or the “thomas pynchon simpsons” clip. How often have you found those by saying, “Hmmm… which category would that be in?” That being the case, what chance does an online bazaar of fiction have? Won’t it end up looking just like Amazon, and rely on just the same low cost word of mouth that Amazon and traditional bookstores rely on?

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  1. What does that even mean? Does this mean posting book trailers or excerpts? What? I rarely watch a book trailer unless it’s done by a friend. And as for excerpts, it seems much easier to go to Amazon or to the author’s site.

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