“Endless Hour” entry

You’ve all waited long enough.
My “Endless Hour” entry is up at Jason Evans’ wonderful blog, “Clarity of Night.”
I’m number 35: “Talking Down the Flames.”

9 thoughts on ““Endless Hour” entry

  1. I liked your entry, but I had a little trouble understanding what had happened at the end. It seems that she was on her way to “talk out” fires, but in the end, it appears that she talked one up, burning her abusive parents while they slept.

  2. Not my intention to have her talk one up, burning her parents… perhaps it’s unclear due to working with the 250 word limit (which I hit only after cutting and cutting and cutting). I’m more used to working in the 90,000 word range, I think.:)

  3. I liked your entry. It introduced me to a flash fiction blog I was unaware of. I found you from your MFA comment on Elegant Variation. Great comment!
    Also, there’s a “10 favorite short stories” meme passing through some litblogs you might be interested in. More info at my blog at http://www.wishythewriter.com .

  4. Wishy,
    Thanks for checking out the story, and I’m glad you found Jason’s site interesting. Thanks too for your response to my comment at Elegant Variation.
    I’ll definitely check out the ’10 favorite short stories’ meme at your site.

  5. I know what you mean about the cutting and cutting. When I started mine, I had no idea how to finish it. I had to part with some pretty cool lines.

  6. I enjoyed the challenge. I wrote what I wanted and it was 500 words. I thought, “What do I cut?” By the time I finished I realized that it was much stronger and tighter. There’s not a lot of space for waste in Jason’s contest, and that’s a good thing. I definitely will try to keep this in mind the next time I edit my longer fiction.

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