You’d have to be crazy to be published by Bellevue

bellevue.jpgBellevue Hospital has a literary imprint. Yes, that Bellevue Hospital. The one Barney Miller used to send all the mentally ill folks to. According to this NYTimes article, right now they only have a handful of books on their plate. However, it doesn’t surprise me that they ended up with some fiction. That’s because they have a literary journal.
Years ago I was almost published by them in that journal. Since then they’ve had stories which went on to be in “best of” collections. My reason for not getting in: in the time between submitting to them and getting their call, I published the story in a small online journal. That small journal is now gone. Gone gone gone. It disappeared very shortly after my story appeared on it, as a matter of fact. It was the first of several that disappeared after using my work. So, apparently, I’m the typhoid-mary of the literary world. I guess I really do need a hospital after all. To both help me with my infection (or my irrational self-deception) and to publish my work.

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